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Important Notice To Vancouver Clients
     Pacific Interconnect, a division of CSP Internet is your full service network solutions provider. Our super-fast 155 Megabit OC3 fibre-optic connection provides you with lightning quick Internet access and our "no busies" policy guarantees that you will never have to wait to get connected.
      Our state of the art equipment is constantly monitored by a team of experts who make reliability and accessibility the top priority.
      With a full complement of Internet Services and support, we are confident that we can meet all your connection needs.

Located at:
4252 Commerce Circle
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8Z 4M2
In Victoria:
Telephone: (250) 953-2680
Fax: (250) 953-2659
Dial-up: (250) 744-2788
In Vancouver:
Telephone: (604) 291-7354
Fax: (604) 291-7835
Dial-up: (604) 687-2333

Pacific Interconnect is a founding member of the British Columbia Internet Association.

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